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Healthydads,ca is being developed by a Canadian team of experts led by Dr. Da Costa at McGill University. Funding to carry out this project was awarded to Dr. Da Costa and the team by the Movember Foundation.

  • Deborah Da Costa

    Associate Professor

    Department of Medicine, McGill University

  • Peter Chan, MD

    Associate Professor

  • Francine de Montigny, PhD


  • Cindy-Lee Dennis, PhD


  • Andrew Howlett, MD FRCPC


  • Nicole Letourneau


  • Ilka Lowensteyn, PhD

    Medical Scientist

  • Brian Russell, MS

    Provincial Coordinator

About us

  • Robyn Stremler,RN,PhD

    Nurse Scientist

  • Phyllis Zelkowitz, EdD

    Director of Research

  • The writing team led by Dr. Da Costa included:

    • Ava-Ann Allman, PhD

      Clinical psychologist

    • Jessica Barudin, MSc PT

      Kwakwaka'wakw mother

    • Simon Driver, MA

      Husband and father

Clinemetrica Team

  • Steven Grover, MD


  • Sylvain Dancausse, MSc

    VP IT Clinemetrica

Students involved in this project:

Anna Denis, Kelly Hennegan, Jane Su,
Maxime Cousineau-Pérusse and Kim Abi Zeid Dauo.

Preparing you emotionally to be a dad by equipping you with information and tools to help you feel as ready as you can be. Empowering you with the information, tools and resources to help promote your mental health!


What's different about

It has been developed by a team of Canadian researchers and practicing health professionals who are experts in the field of parental well-being, men's health, lifestyle factors and website development in the context of health promotion.

Expectant and new dads across Canada contributed to the development of We asked almost 200 expectant and new dads to tell us what they needed to prepare them emotionally for becoming a dad and what topics they wanted us to target to promote their mental health!

Another great feature of is that based on your responses to questions answered earlier we have created an agenda of topics for you to review based on YOUR needs.

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23 Oct 2015

A new Canadian study

The study's lead author Deborah Da Costa spoke to CTV News from Montreal.

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14 Oct 2015

New dads battling depression

Canadian study finds many men–not just their wives–face the ill effects of the 'baby blues'.

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